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Mortgages for people with poor credit history: -

Poor credit history can come in many forms- ccj's, defaults, arrears, repossessions, poor payment profile on existing or previous credit and even bankruptcy. Not so long ago poor credit history mortgages essentially meant paying twice as much every month as everyone else and perhaps paying up front fees and broker fees in the region of 2000-3000  just to arrange a mortgage! This is no longer the case.

It is now possible (partly due to interest rates and partly due to increasing competition from mortgage lenders) to place mortgages for people with poor credit history at rates only slightly higher than normal and with little if any broker fees!

If you have been affected by poor credit history and are looking for a mortgage, then, rather than using the tools below please let one of our professional advisors source best possible rate for your circumstances as the criteria for poor credit mortgages are often complex.


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